Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

43 thoughts on “O-DSMT

  1. Hi, I want to try your product. for starters, I’ll order 10 grams, pay bitcoin. Waiting for an answer.

  2. Hello
    send me 10 grams. What should I do next to get 10 grams of O-DSMT? Rather answer me.

  3. Interested in buying in large quantities. I need to evaluate the quality, order 10-50 grams, pay Litecoin, contact me

  4. Hi, order 10 grams, payment by Western Union. How much is shipping to the EU? Delivery terms?

  5. Hi, I like your product and prices. I want to discuss the details and make an order. Waiting for an answer.

  6. Hello,
    send me 100 grams inside the EU. How to pay? The address of the recipient will send you with payment.

  7. Hi, I filled out the form and no one sends me payment details, how do I understand this? Do you still ship your products?

  8. Hi, is o-dsmt available? I would like to evaluate the quality, I will take a minimum order of 10 grams for research purposes, if I like everything I will buy constantly and a lot.

  9. hello buddy, do you still have O-DSMT? If you can send it to me, I will order at least 100 grams.

  10. Can you send o-dsmt 10g? How clean is it? If I like the quality, then the next order will be for 1 kg. Wait answer from you

  11. Would like to order 10g an any chance of a tester of other chems with same order? Please Email me very interested

  12. I would like to order a 1g sample. I am in the US. I can pay with bitcoin. Please contact me with payment details.

  13. Hi I want to buy o-dsmt 10 g, dipyanone 5 g, etonitazepyne 5 g, etazene 5 g and a few more opioids, payment of monoro or bitcoin. Contact me my friend.

  14. How much will etonitazepyne 500 g, dipyanone 100 g, o-dsmt 100 g, only best express delivery you can offer? Send me a total amount and your Bitcoin or any crypto address. Address I will send you after payment.


  15. Hello I would like to order 10 grams but first a sample just to make sure you are legit because I’ve been ripped off a few times. Do you still have 0-dsmt in stock?

  16. Hello, also would like to order 1-10 grams of Odsmt, to the US. Can I get a quote on pricing/shipping?

  17. Is O-DSMT available? What sedatives, painkillers are still available? I want to order 10 grams each for the samples I’m paying for, I’ll also pay for the delivery. I am in Belgium.

  18. What country do you ship from and do you ship to the US I am looking to obtain odmst

  19. Hello my friends. I really want to try your o-dsmt. Where are you shipping from? How long to wait for the package? I am in the USA.

      1. Hello. I recommended you to my friends, they want to buy from you, but you can give me some discounts, including not other chemicals, I will immediately send them to you?

  20. How much will 10 g of O-DSMT cost with delivery to the Netherlands? I will only buy 10g to check the quality. Together with my order, you can send small samples of your latest opioids.

  21. Hello. You have to give me the track code today. Don’t forget about me. I’m waiting for the track code today.

  22. I would like to try your o-dsmt and some of your other rc’s. Can you deliver free samples? It would be advantageous for you to send them to me, because if I like it, I will order a few hundred grams, maybe even 1 kg. Please let me know your decision.
    Thank you.

  23. Do you ship O-DSMT, metonitazene, etizolam or other opioids and benzodiazepines to the United States? I was told that you can do that. I can be a regular customer. Let me know if you ship. Thanks buddy.

  24. Do you have something similar to Oxy? O-DSMT suits me too, but I don’t need strong opioids like fentanyl. Send me the price if something is in stock. I am in the USA and I hope there will be no problems with delivery? I was advised by your store, and I want to try your drugs.

  25. I am in Belgium and I am ready to buy some o-dsmt and some dipyanone from you. Can you ship me 2.5 g of each substance?

  26. Can you send a sample of 5g to the USA? If the delivery success is high, then I will order at least 1 kg from you next time.

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