Tue. May 17th, 2022

15 thoughts on “Metonitazene

  1. Never tried any of your opioid products and they are rather pricy. If I was to place an order I would want to know what I was getting first. Any chance of small samples for testing

  2. Requires 5-10 grams of all quality opioids, payment in bitcoin, send a list and total price, I will send the address after payment.

  3. Please send me a list and prices of all the opioids you have in stock. I will make an order in the coming days. thanks.

  4. Interested in Metonitazene and Isotonitazene. If in stock, let me know, thanks

  5. Metonitazene is available? Or similar replacement? Interested in fentanyl analogues. Thank.

  6. Interested in regular deliveries of Metonitazene or similar opioid. Let me know from where you deliver? Delivery methods. I will be glad to hear from you good news and I want to become your regular customer. Thank you.

  7. Do you still supply metonitazene? I sent in my order, it’s been 30 minutes, but I haven’t heard back.

  8. I want to check the quality of your metonitazene, I was told that you ship to USA, I want to make sure. I buy minimal order, check delivery and check quality. I think you will understand. If all goes well, I will buy a lot from you, I have btc, monero, paypal.

  9. Do you supply metonitazene to the USA? If possible, contact me, I like your price list. I appreciate your time. Thanks.

  10. I am interested in the strongest opioids that you have available. Are you shipping to the USA? My friends told me that you are my friend still delivering. Contact me if that’s the case. With best wishes.

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