Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

44 thoughts on “Isotonitazene

  1. interested in your product, would like to discuss the details before placing an order, please contact me as soon as possible

  2. I want to order Isotonitazene 5 g, but I don’t know how to do it, help me please contact me, thank you

  3. Send me any free samples and I will write a good review about you on the network, on the forums, I advise you to think

  4. Hi, Isotonitazene 5 g $ 330, including delivery, as I understand it? Delivery from China?

  5. What country would this be coming from? Do you ship to the USA?

  6. Id love a sample. Im worried about so many companies out there selling counterfeit RX .or spend there $ and never receive anything at all. It would definitely take the fears away from making a large purchase knowing im getting what i paid for.

  7. I want to try, do you have free samples? I’ll leave a good review on reddit

  8. Please contact me if iso is in stock. Or any opioid of similar potency. Thank you.

  9. Is this in stock? And what is the fastest shipping method to the united states?

  10. I am interested in a sample size (just need details/payment info/and shipping info) or possibly the 5g amount with same info needed.
    In stock?
    Shipping to USA?
    Shipment method?
    Payment method?


  11. I will be a excellent customer and buyer at least 1,000 a week if you send samples to try. Opioids.
    … heights rd
    Canton NC …

  12. I know this gets old, but so does scammers. I’d like to purchase .1-.5 g to make suer you are legit, and then I will order the minumum order every payday. If you would be so kind as to assist, I own A lot of crypto. I just want a reliable source mine is shutting down.

  13. Isotonitazene in stock? Interested in opioids equivalent to fentanyl or stronger. Answer me.


  14. Hello interested in small sample of isotonitazene. To USA also interested in larger amount prices ty

  15. I want to purchase is this available

    I have btc eth xrp you name it.

    Get at me

  16. Do you have shipping to the United States by EMS? If delivery is possible, then send me your btc or xmr

  17. In need of Isotonitazene and/or brorphine. Would like a 1g sample. Could you email me the cost?

  18. What isotonitazene do you currently have in stock? What color? I would like to buy. How do you ship? Do you have hidden delivery?

  19. I represent a large company that sells research chemicals. Could you send small free samples of isotonitazene to the USA? We will check the purity and order a few kilos right away. It will be profitable for you.

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