Wed. Jun 29th, 2022


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Fentanyl Fentanyl 3 min read
Fentanyl and its derivatives alfamethylfentanyl and trimethylfentanyl (slang for “white Chinese”), meperidine, parafluorofentanyl are the worst and deadliest drugs in existence. Chemical structure is partially... Read More
2C-B 2C-B 2 min read
2C-B is a synthesized psychedelic drug. It is produced in tablets, used as a substitute for ecstasy. With moderate use, it gives the effect of... Read More
Cathinones Cathinones 5 min read
Phenylalkylamines are of natural and synthetic origin. Despite the centuries-old history of the use of narcotic plants, the use of new psychoactive substances is growing... Read More
Morphine Morphine 4 min read
The word “morphine” is known to everyone. But few are familiar with the specifics of this substance and knows about its properties. In the consciousness... Read More
methadone Methadone 3 min read
The history of methadone, an opium analgesic of synthetic origin, goes back over 70 years. It was first synthesized in 1937 by German researchers Max... Read More
Ketamine Ketamine 4 min read
Ketamine is a medicine that is often used as a drug. It is an antagonist used for anesthesia and analgesia. The drug causes hallucinations. As... Read More
LSD LSD 6 min read


Acid, Blotter, Cid, Doses, L, LSD, Microdots,Tabs, Trips LSD – is a substance without color, taste and smell, crystallizes in the form of prisms. Insoluble... Read More
Tramadol Tramadol 8 min read
Tramadol Opioid analgesic, one of the derivatives of cyclohexanol. Substance of white color, flavourless. It is released mainly in tablets. After taking it is quickly... Read More